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Hector Guerra
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    $5 Simply Core!!

    $5 SweatCamp Indoor Boot Camp (Sugarland)(No Gym Membership)

    Come Join and get that Core tight!!

    We should get together, unite and see how to invest in Real Estate and profit.

    Legacy Real Estate Investment Meetup

    Legacy Real Estate Investment Meetup I am a Realtor/Investor. Our meetup will offer free seminars as well as training that will need to be paid for.  This meetup is all about making the right investment in real estate , profit from it , and...

    Free Saturday Bootcamp!

    Body Blast Bootcamp- Sugar land

    Body Blast Bootcamp or (BBB) is a program designed to get your body moving by using fitness specific cardio exercises. BBB pushes your body to get in shape and will help you get off those unwanted pounds. There is no experience needed, only the...

    Boxing/Full Body Training!

    $5 SweatCamp Indoor Boot Camp (Sugarland)(No Gym Membership)

    Hey Team come join us for a $5 Boxing/Kickboxing and a full body workout! Bring your own gloves if you have them and some hand wraps (optional). 

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    Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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