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    Yoga For Beginners - Free and Open to All

    Inner Engineering Houston (Isha Yoga & Meditation Classes)

    How successful you are in life simply depends on how well you can use your mind and body. This session offers simple, but powerful yoga postures to bring stability and balance. - Can improve memory, concentration, and mental clarity- Can relieve...

    Adventurer's League Eberron: DDAL-ELW04 Jack of Daggers (Weekly Table)

    Golem's Gate - Gaming & Geekdom

    DDAL-ELW04: Jack of Daggers (Tier 1; Optimized for 4th-level characters) Caught between House Phiarlan and a criminal syndicate, the characters delve into the city’s underworld to discover who’s hiring killers for their dirty work. Things get...


    Golem's Gate - Gaming & Geekdom

    (OPEN) Intro D&D And Adventurers League Join us for Monday Night Adventurers League. We will be doing the starter adventures for the different seasons. All players (beginners and experienced) are invited to take part. ***Please note, that it is...

    DDAL05-02 The Black Road (tier 1)

    Golem's Gate - Gaming & Geekdom

    D&D AL tier 1 characters

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