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    Sugar Land Sound Ladies barbershop chorus - new singers welcome!

    Sugar Land Sound Women's Chorus

    We are back at Christ United Choir Room for practice. Do get in touch if you want further details - occasionally we have practice elsewhere so if a first time, best to contact. Christ United Methodist Church 3300 Austin Parkway, Sugar Land, TX If...

    August Birthday Celebration & Meet-n-Greet


    Please join us for our monthly meet -n-greet to celebrate the members who have birthdays this month. We will also conduct a 50/50 raffle with each of the people celebrating their birthday that month receiving a free raffle ticket.

    Mutants and Masterminds! (Closed Game)

    Golem's Gate - Gaming & Geekdom

    We find our heroes in the coastal city of Newtropolis, America.  Twenty years ago, the first public superhero leaped onto the scene. Followed closely by a whole host of super powered heroes and villains.  Eight months ago, a rift appeared on...

    D&D 5e Christian's Adventurer's League One-shots

    Golem's Gate - Gaming & Geekdom

    Various Adventurer's League modules for Tier 1 characters  (levels 1-4)   $3/player minimum DM gratuity DM: Christian Keller

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