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    Now Hiring, Arcana Punks! Mike's AL Eberron: DDAL-WGE-01 Encounters In Sharn

    Golem's Gate - Gaming & Geekdom

    DDAL-WGE-01: Encounters in Sharn (Tier 2) Are you a winner?!! Who is Stab the goblin? What's up with his donkey Rations? Why are you always around when dead bodies show up on the street?!!! Some of these questions (and more) answered this week,...

    Patrick's DDHC Tuesdays - Rise of Tiamat

    Golem's Gate - Gaming & Geekdom

    Hosted by Patrick. Priority seating goes to regular players( Samantha, Fletcher George, Ben, Keefe, Ariel, and Anthony). Remaining seats will be filled in order of RSVP. Current player levels are between 6 and 7. Please try to stay close to that...

    WHW2N- Sugar Land Evening Networking

    Women Helping Women 2 Network Houston

    The Trifecta of Online Marketing What is online (digital) marketing? Wonder what this digital marketing thing is and why you and your business need to be in this space (that’s the internet btw)? Come to our November meeting so Kristen Day of A...

    ( Open) Intro to 5e Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer’s League

    Golem's Gate - Gaming & Geekdom

    • What we'll doIf you're new to 5th Edition or to Dungeons & Dragons in general, come get your feet wet and learn the game in these introductory adventures! Bring your own 1st level character; If you need help creating a character, please come...

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