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    Sugar Land: Book of Acts

    Houston Bible Study

    What did the first Christians do and teach after Jesus ascended to heaven? How did they live and work together in community, and what did their churches look like? How did they grow the kingdom all over the world? How can we imitate these first...

    Shadowrun 5e: The Redline (S1E0)

    Golem's Gate - Gaming & Geekdom

    Redline > Noun: The fastest, farthest, or highest point or degree considered safe. - Worldwide Wordwatch 2075 Archive. ---->As Shadowrunners, your characters are underworld mercenaries that will have to navigate a world interconnected by the...


    Golem's Gate - Gaming & Geekdom

    (OPEN) Intro D&D And Adventurers League Join us for Monday Night Adventurers League. We will be doing the starter adventures for the different seasons. All players (beginners and experienced) are invited to take part. ***Please note, that it is...

    Waterdeep Dragonheist Campaign - AL

    Golem's Gate - Gaming & Geekdom

    We will be going through this season's hardcover adventures Waterdeep: Dragonheist. All players are welcome, preferably as continuing characters. We will be using Adventurers Leagues Rules and characters are around level 4 right now. DM: Gary Leung

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